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World over, Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) have become a vibrant sector. Dure to the pandemic, CCIs have lost income as a result of Covid-19 event cancellations and closures. These disruptions in programming have left many artists and cultural professionals economically and socially unstable. In a bid to reduce the impacts of Covid-19, governments, private and civic organisations around the world are formulating and implementing strategies to support the recovery to the sector in the form of grants, loans or tax exemptions, technical support such as virtual trainings or showcases and alternative platforms to distribute cultural goods and services. 

The Covid-19 CCI Industry portal is putting together information on resources to capacitate the sector in building resilience towards emergency preparedness and response. The portal provides information on opportunities, news and tools among other things that are available to cultural and creative professionals. Upon launching of the website, Debra designed the outlook of the website, created content and managed the website. She also carried out research to find out the different resources available to cultural and creative professionals during the pandemic. 

More information: CCI COVID-19 Portal

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