Hayibo S’khangele


Hayibo S’khangele (We Are Watching) is a newsletter that has been used as an advocacy tool to end corruption in Zimbabwe. It reports corruption taking place in different community in Matabeleland province. At least 5 000 copies are printed monthly and distributed in Matabeleland namely Bulawayo, Hwange, Gwanda and Nkayi. The newsletter has been instrumental as an advocacy tool in unearthing corruption at grassroots level and being a voice of marginalised communities. Debra was the editor and designer of the publication for almost two years and during her tenure, she managed to edit 12 copies. 

Find below some of the copies:

April 2018 Issue Download PDF

October 2018 Issue Download PDF

First Quarter Issue 2019 Download PDF

Second Quarter Issue 2019 Download PDF

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